I am Oz Dean. A digital creative director at TEQUILA\ Singapore. I'm also known as forcefeed:swede. Below you'll find WIP elements of current and past projects (which won't necessarily appear in my portfolio). I'll also be blogging about appearances in magazines, books, exhibitions and any topics that relate back to my work. There's plenty more here if you would like to know more about me.

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I am proud to announce that TBWA\ TEQUILA\ Singapore has been awarded an FWA Mobile Of The Day (MOTD) Award for Okamoto TipOff - part of the Okamoto Freedom Project.

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Scoot Spot a Cab

Here's one of our latest promos at TBWA\ Singapore for new LCC, Scoot.

We connected physical with digital via Instagram & Facebook. We simply prompted people to spot a designed cab, shoot it with Instagram, upload and tag it #ScootCab. They were then in with a chance to win tickets to any Scoot destination for free.

With 26,000 cabs in Singapore and only 100 on the road it's some task to actually find and snap one but we're already seeing a good deal of activity with few drivers. The promo is on until the end of May.

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SIA journeys

TEQUILA\ Singapore recently launched a new milestone website for Singapore Airlines called SIA journeys.

The website celebrates the innovation Singapore Airlines has made over it's impressive history in the air. SIA innovates often but rarely talks about their achievements. Within this website, we delve into their past and explore how they have innovated, while others follow.

Built entirely off a simple html, basic javascript and jquery foundation. It is coded via OOP (Object Oriented Programming) which is similar to Flash AS3 style programming using custom reusable classes (.js files). What does this mean? It means the site is able to be viewed on all devices with no plugins.

SIA journeys

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Okamoto Freedom Project

This is a campaign I've been working on for a few months now at TEQUILA\ Singapore along with the creatives at TBWA\.

"When it comes to being naughty, Singaporeans are great at covering up, hiding out and keeping things under wraps.

The Okamoto Freedom Project is a range of products that help you get better at getting away with it. So now you don't have to rely on wits and guile alone."

Okamoto Freedom Project

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Mo'lest TBWA\

Here's our latest project at TBWA\ Singapore & TEQUILA\.

This is our take on what is commonly known as Movember. We've turned the idea of the Mo and Movember on its head and are asking people to reverse engineer the beard. We want you to Mo'lest us.

We, the agency, grow beards for 3 weeks and the world gets to auction for the right to Mo'lest us for the last week with any design they wish us to wear (if they are the winning bidder). There is one get out clause. If the Mo'lestee doesn't want to wear half a beard or much worse on his face he has the option to match the final $$$ tally and only suffer the humiliation for 24 hours. We have an expert barber at the ready for November the 24th, the official shave day, where our canvases will be crafted.

All bids go to Singhealth, our charity for prostate cancer in Singapore.

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Happy Soldiers

I recently designed, developed and launched a taster website at the end of February pre AdNews and AWARD awards for Happy Soldiers.

I am also working on the Happy Soldiers website for 2011 (digital consultant, concepts and sourcing developers).

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Blood, Sweat & Peers

Since 2008 I have run a monthly industry Nike+ running challenge that has been happening behind the scenes, within Nike Running. Advertising and Media creatives plus suits see who can run the furthest & fastest. Just for fun and to keep fit.

I launched this at the end of February and it was featured on Australian INFront and Campaign Brief

The numbers have been rising steadily since it was given a proper home, online and I look forward to seeing it grow and evolve this year. Grab a Nike+ kit and get involved!

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Tequila\ Leaving Card

It's not often you get leaving cards as a freelancer but I'd been at Tequila\ in Sydney for over 4 months as a digital art director. My time was up and I received this as a card. There's a story behind it but I won't go into that now. Ask me when you see me.

Leaving Card

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Playstation Modnation

While working on a Playstation project at Tequila, I realised there was a pretty slim chance of receiving raw/master assets from the game so I decided to recreate a couple of the vehicles for the banner idea I had conceived. Shown is a Kart from the Modnation Racers banner campaign in sketch and final format. It was never used, however, as the assets came through from the client in time.

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